terça-feira, 29 de março de 2011

one love, one life.

   Before everything, I want to say congrats to you, to us, to all who believe in McFLY, because today is the 5 Colours In Her Hairs 'birthday' and, oh my God, that's so cool! It make me more and more proud!
   Well, how can I start this? First of all, I want to thank you all for all the things you've done in my life, they were great and have changed so many thing in me, made me a ... better person. I'm not saying that I used to be a bad person, but just that you guys made me feel so much alive, so much satisfied. You know how to make me happy, and I bet this is not only with me. I guess is impossible to people listen to your song and don't feel anything, because you know what you're doing, and do this with so much love, that this love can be felt so easely, oh my God. I feel nervous right now, because everytime I think in write to you all, I think in the fact of you read this, so I start to don't know what words put, and, then, this start to look like bullshit. But I want you to know that this is important to me.
  I have a letter in my house, that I started to write in the middle of 2008 when I got the news that you guys were coming to my country, Brazil. Man, I felt so fucking happy, and I started to smile and cry so hard on the same time. But then, my parents came to me and said that I couldn't go. Dude, I have no words to express what was that to me. Was like the world has disappear, the floor goes away, my breath went away too, and, wow, I just wanted to die. I know that can look like drama queen thing, but that was real. I thought that I won't never ever can listen to your song anymore, but I was wrong because was you guys that changed everything. A little time later, Radio:Active came, and, holy shit, that album was so important to me. I still was sad about the show, and in the first time  I listened to Smile, I cried. Can you imagine? You guys screaming in my ear that I need smile, and this was making me cry, but that happened because I knew and know that it is the truth. We've got to remember to smile every single day, we just got one life, and that need to be lived. And now, because of you, I know the truly mean of friendship, of love, because is that what I really feel for all of you, love. The thing that can make us laugh at the same time we're crying. The thing that make distance seems like nothing. The thing that make we want to be with someone forever and ever, and nothing else matters.
 So, you are the perfect definition of this: Words fail, music speaks.
  Every single time I don't find the words to express my feelings, I just need to turn on the sound and listen, becuase you always know what to say. No more about the song, but about you, I am so proud for have you as my idols, - sorry, I know the text are so big, but... anyway. - you are the colors of my life, when I listen your voices, I feel so much better. When you smile, I smile. And is so good to in my room everyday jumping like a crazy one, when the sound is in the maximum and I can't hear my voice, so I start to jump, jump and sing out loud! But the bad thing is, I live in a building, so, people don't like my “singer moment”, I think you can imagine that, so, I don't give a fuck, I want do this, so I do. My mom and dad don't say nothing, and sometimes I catch my mom singing your song, that is so cute *-* hahahaha. Well, once I read a interview with Gerard Way, that him said: 'we need to do what is needed for we get what we want.' and that makes me think that I made all the possible thing that I can to be with you, and that happend in 2009, May 24. Recife, Brazil. Man, that was definitely the best day of my entire life. I jumped so hard, scream, cried, smiled, and, the most important, I was in the same place that you, I was close to you, I saw you in front of me. Danny, you throwed water on my face, exactly on my face, and well, I've got to thank you for this, because in that moment I was almost falling on the floor, that day was so hot, and theres was so many people, and, omg, thank you again, that was a nice thing. Hmmmm, Harry, when the show finished, you throwed your drumstick and this pass out on my hand, and, damn man, I didn't got this. I feel horrible, but thats ok. And when someone threw to Tom one black All Star? And then you started a conversation about cheese and ham and people just was scream, and then you all start to laugh, and Dougie made a sexy dance with his sexy butt, and that was nice, Doug :) oh, by the way, Danny, you still have the little monkey that somebody gave you? We remember your love story with it :)
  Well, I believe in me, and that make me belive that one day I'll gonna make some really good text to you, and not so much cliché. But, thank you for being the most important part of my life, so much has changed but you're still my proud and my everything. I'd like to thank God for you guys, for who you are, for the songs you do, for the things you do. You're fucking amazing, and keep going.
  And Dougie, my love, we were born to each other and get married, and have children! So when you come to Brazil, please, just hug me, thats enough for me, cuz the most I believe is that one day I will get the chance to look deep in your eyes and tell what I really feel for you, and that thing is love. Oh, fuck, damn it, all I need is the chance to say I love you looking at you, looking in your eyes, why the hell it need to be so fucking hard?
  My life is becoming more and more hard but at least I still got you all.

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  1. Que bom menina que vc é tão determinada...boa sorte ai na sua jornada e que vc tenha um pouco da atenção dos seus ídolos que pelo menos por alguns minutos os olhos deles se voltem para alguém que não tira os olhos deles.

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa vc tbm gosta de Mcfly *----* Eles são demais, parabens plo texto ;*

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