terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2012

Happy birthday, Josh!

     To be honest, there’s a while I want to write something for you and I choose this special day, your birthday :) I truly wish I could find the right words, but it isn’t easy. I guess anything I write may not be enough to express how I feel, what you make me feel.
     By the way, happy birthday, I wish you the best, great health, happiness, love, success and all those good things the life offers us, because you deserve them all. You are one of the most amazing people I've ever met in my life (not even met in person yet, but I know this day will come soon, amen). You’re a guy who inspires so many people in different ways with your words, your songs, etc.. I watch videos, I see pics, I read stories and each day, more and more, my love and respect for you just grow and keep growing up. The way you care for those who care about you is so beautiful. You make us all laugh with some things you do and this is so so good!
     You are beautiful in every way, you definetly aren't just a pretty face, you really deserve this word for everything that you are. I’m proud to say I'm your fan, and I love you, because since the first time I listened to your voice, everything has changed and for the better, of course. I need to thank you for being who you are, for thy voice that makes me feel so fine, for thy wonderful smile that always makes me smile just seeing it, for your kind words which help me a lot, for you being this awesome person who inspires and gives me reasons to keep going on anyway and never give up.
    After all, once again, happy birthday, wish you have a super amazing day, and I hope you can be so so so happy and I mainly wish you many years of life. I also wish that life treat you well and you can always be this extraordinary man, y’know? I hope Mrs. Mother Franceschi let you have a dog because I think of buying one to give you when I meet you, what do you think? hahahahaha And ok, I love you very much, thanks for everything. So many times I stopped crying and put a smile on my face because of you… It means a lot. Anyway, I can't find good words anymore, I'm nervous hehe
     I love you. Thank you so much, Josh. God bless you, amen :D

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