segunda-feira, 8 de novembro de 2010

Best Rock Band

I'm so proud. I voted so much, and it worked. I want to tell for you, Jared, Tomo and Shannon that I love you so much, even none of you are reading it, I'll still write about what I felt yesterday. 
" And the best rock band is ... 30 seconds to mars" when Miley Cyrus ended to say this, I started to jump and scream so much, my heart beat like a earthquake and after this I saw that vote on you was the best thing I done all this time. Is so good to know that I make part of the Echelon and another billion of people are so happy like me and you guys. We don't won the award of world stage permonce but we got the best rcok band and thats awesome. 
I love to hear your voice, Jared, and when you gave the award to Shakira on "free your mind" I had more proud yet. Your words was so truly and beautiful, and I hope the world to see that help is the best thing we can do. 
I want to thank you guys fo all the things you've done in my life, really. 
The #ECHELON got the power. 

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